The members of the Board of Directors of Friends of Center Cemetery come not only from East Hartford but surrounding towns as well. This is reflective of Center Cemetery being a regional historical and cultural asset linked in many ways to the long history of the towns of Greater Hartford and of the Connecticut River Valley as a whole. If you would like information on becoming a member of the Friends of Center Cemetery, please contact us at:


Current Board of Directors

  • Raymond E. Tubbs, President
  • Ruth Shapleigh-Brown, Vice President (Events)
  • Fern W. Strong, Vice President Social Media Communications
  • Eileen Driscoll, Secretary
  • Joanne Ferreira, Treasurer
  • Ida Gall
  • Craig Johnson
  • Jane Misiek
  • Wayne Skidgel
  • George N. Soppelsa
  • Kaarina Finegan

Founding Directors (1989)

  • Doris C. Suessman, President
  • Mary Goodwin, Secretary
  • Janice Arbuckle, Treasurer
  • Gregory Andrews
  • Paul Andrews
  • Terrie Kyc
  • Geraldine Rozie
  • Otis Stevens
  • Floyd Slade

In Memoriam

  • Mary Goodwin (Secretary)
  • John Spaulding (Archivist)
  • Otis Stevens (Director)
  • Doris C. Suessman (President)