FCC Events

Lantern Tours

They are a recurring, popular fund-raising event created and managed by Friends vice president, Ruth Shapleigh-Brown. Held on an early autumn evening, various characters from the town’s past are brought back to life at the site of their burial by skillful actors with informative and entertaining dialogue. The event is enriched by a variety of displays and vendors at the entrance, and the atmosphere of the tours enhanced by such as glittering lights and the sudden appearance and disappearance of performing figures and otherworldly apparitions.

Spring Activity Day

Each spring the public is invited to participate in a day devoted to sprucing up the cemetery, cleaning stones or erecting fallen ones, demonstrations of proper restoration techniques, removal of invasive vines that damage stones, and various other activities related to promoting awareness of the history of the cemetery and its continual relevance to the greater community.

Fundraisers + Special Events

On an ongoing basis, Friends sponsors a variety of special events and fund-raisers. In the past this has consisted of such as lectures and demonstrations, tag sales, twice a Mad Hatter Tea Party, a humorous presentation of real but humorous or odd epitaphs, authentic-style presentation of a 19th Century Lantern Slide Show, Civil War and Victorian-era mourning practices, and tours to other cemeteries. If possible, it also assists in genealogical and grave site searches.

Recognition + Thank Yous

Additionally Friends has developed a library of resource books and materials, plus a board whose members continue to gain knowledge and experience, all of which is available for those who need help or information for their own use or efforts. This, as had many of our undertakings, is all greatly enhanced by a close working relationship with the Connecticut Gravestone Network, a respected organization with statewide connections and involvements, and that which shares our office space.

Lastly, Friend’s efforts in the cemetery can only be done with a close, mutually respectful, working relationship with the town’s mayor and the Department of Public Works, its Superintendent of Cemeteries and its experienced and conscientious work crews who do so much to facilitate what we do in Center Cemetery.